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January 29, 2018 admin 10

use promo code MEGANKELLEHER on ROOM 422 for 10% off your order!! they have suuuuuuper cute bedding/decor either for your bedroom OR your dorm! Hey guys! With the great response from last week’s decluttering video, I figured I would continue on this week with a video all about how I clean my room. Essentially, in 10 steps, I clean up my room in 30 minutes or less. This video is a bit more of a deep clean video because I’m actually, well, cleaning, rather than just picking up. I hope you all enjoy this video and stay tuned for next…


MINIMALIST CLEANING HABITS | get tidy + organised

July 23, 2017 admin 10

check out PICK UP LIMES’ video and don’t forget to subscribe : i hate to clean ! it’s just the worst, don’t you think ? but, no matter how annoying it is, we have no choice – our home deserve to be clean, decluttered, organised, tidy, and beautiful. so today i’m sharing my all-time favourite minimalist cleaning hacks, tips, and ideas. ___ check out our morning show channel THE MUSTARDS : listen to our podcast – latest episode : WHAT WE OBSESS OVER ! ( ) ___ everything from setting a simple plan, tidying up and decluttering regularly, how to…


How To Clean Your Room Fast + Cleaning Hacks & Organisations Tips + Tricks.

June 26, 2016 admin 26

How To Clean Your Room, Quick and Simple + Organisational Tips, Tricks and Cleaning Hacks! This video is a summary of how to clean your room in a few simple and easy steps + tricks that will help it stay cleaner and more organised for longer! A quick declutter in your room is actually really simple and after being super messy all through high school I think I have got some pretty good cleaning tips and tricks that won’t take you all day! + Ways to make mess look neater. I hope some of these tidying tips, tricks and life…


Spring Cleaning Life Hacks, DIYS & Tips!

March 10, 2016 admin 18

Give this video a THUMBS-UP & make sure you SUBSCRIBE too!! :)♡ Instagram → Twitter → Snapchat → mmikaylag Facebook Page → Vlog Channel → IPAD MINI GIVEAWAY → PINTEREST → HAIR → April at Is.Salon in Yaletown, Vancouver – Get $25 off your service when you say I referred you! 🙂 Is.Salon: M O S T R E C E N T V I D E O S →→→→ Picky Eater Problems ♥ … Easy & Fast Everyday Makeup ♥ … 25 Things to do on Spring Break!! ♥ F U N L I N K S →→→→…