டீப் கிளீனிங்|| கிச்சன் முழுவதும் எப்படி சுத்தம் செய்கிறேன்|| Kitchen Deep Cleaning Tips

April 12, 2019 admin 10

Hi friends..Most requested video in our channel…I have shared how I deep clean my kitchen every 2 months. I have shared my Tips for easy cleaning.Hope you all like this video & find my cleaning tips useful.Please post your feedback & comments If you Like this video , please give a thumbsup & you can also follow us on facebook And dont forget to Subscribe to Suji’s Kitchen எளிய பாரம்பரிய சமையலின் தொகுப்பு!! *************************************** my mailid : *************************************** 30 mins lunch recipe & thursday cleaning tips: My birthday celebration vlog: Appam recipe: My home garden & mutton lunch menu: ****************************************…


Sunday Home Maintenance / Cleaning Routines | Home Cleaning Tips

March 30, 2019 admin 10

In today’s video I will be sharing with you 20 not-to-miss home maintenance and home cleaning tips to take care of your home every week. We prefer to do all these cleaning routines on Sunday as a home reset routine so that through out the week we stay productive without worrying much. I would like to thank Mama Earth for sponsoring the video and supporting our channel. Mama Earth’s baby detergent is now available on Firstcry and Use code jaya20 for 20% OFF at to avail the offer. Website link: Firstcry link: Hope you have enjoyed watching this…



March 18, 2019 admin 10

Speed Clean with me! When last minute guests are about to arrive you need quick cleaning solutions to freshen up your home. Hope this speed cleaning motivation helps you with cleaning tips and hacks to prepare for those last minute guests. SUBSCRIBE: My fave Mumlife products right now: Dr Browns Bottles: Save Our Sleep Book: Clinique Pep Start Restorative Night Balm (Lip Gloss): Sending me mail? Please send to: Elise Sheree PO Box 219 Crows Nest, NSW, 1585. Hi I’m Elise Sheree, Mama to Zara, 5 and baby Adrian. This is my honest Motherhood journey! I’m always looking for the…


17 Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

February 18, 2019 admin 7

If you don’t want to spend hours trying to clean, then this video is for you. Today, we will show you 17 cleaning tips and tricks proven to make your life easier. Each project is very unique and useful, like cleaning slime, homemade cleaning sprays, mop slippers, carpet cleaner, and so much more Now you don’t have to waste your day doing all your chores, because with these tips cleaning has never been easier, giving you more time to do fun activities. TIMESTAMPS 0:07 – Cleaning Slime 1:07 – DIY Carpet Cleaner 1:57 – Mop Slippers 2:56 – DIY Sponge…



February 11, 2019 admin 10

I’m sharing organization tips and tricks, cleaning hacks, cleaning tips for mommies that I’ve learned from youtube videos. Everything from how to get stains out to cleaning shoes, to laundry hacks, to traveling with kids tips! It’s all in this video! It was so fun to reminisce and think about everything I’ve learned over the six years i’ve been binging youtube! Courtney Allison Video: Courtney Allison Channel: Thanks so much for watching! HUGS, Katie My Cleaning Products: My Amazon Store: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LET’S BE FRIENDS… *Instagram: Katie.Sottile *Snapchat: Ksotty *Facebook: KatieJSottile *Twitter: KatieSottile *Pinterest: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Are you a Mom? I know…


12 Cleaning Tips + Products You Need To Know | SheerLuxe Show

February 5, 2019 admin 1

Georgie Coleridge Cole is joined by Astrid Carter, Laura Black and Georgina Blaskey in today’s episode, plus a special guest: hypnotherapist, anxiety expert & author of The Anxiety Solution, Chloe Brotheridge. How to stay warm in the cold and what perks we appreciate at work are on the chat agenda in today’s show. Plus, in light of recent news that Russell Brand doesn’t think children should be tickled, the team share their views on the subject. Between 20017 and 2018, over 15 million working days were lost to due to work-related stress, anxiety and depression. Joining Georgie to talk about…


Cleaning Motivation 2019 + Tips to get Motivated | Gypsy House Wife

January 31, 2019 admin 2

Cleaning Motivation 2019 + Tips to get Motivated | Gypsy House Wife ♥︎ Get ready for some Cleaning Motivation! I thought yall would enjoy this! I’ve included some added tips to get yoursef motivated and how to get started cleaning for the day! Let me know if you like this video, by giving it a thumbs up! Hit that like button! Subscribe to my channel and leave me some comments! If you have any questions, just ask! I always reply, i love hearing from yall! Remember, your home is your sanctuary! A clean home, is a happy home! Right? Get…


DIY How to Clean Burnt Pan or Pot Tips. Cleaning Tips!!!

January 27, 2019 admin 1

How to clean a burnt pot or pan. I Kendall Todd had boiled Coke and it had gotten a mess of stuff sugar chemicals? on the pan and it was burnt on the pan. I was able to clean the burnt pan I soaked it for a long time how many hours I also boiled water in the pan I had soaked it in the soap and I also used a brush to scrub the pan I can use a spoon to scratch the pan are used a spatula and I also used a stainless steel pad. Even though I…

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