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10 Simple + Easy Cleaning Hacks | Minimalist Cleaning Tips

May 2, 2019 admin 10

10 Simple + Easy Cleaning Hacks: Minimalist Cleaning Tips In this video, I share 10 easy cleaning tips to help maintain a cleaner home and save time! These minimalist cleaning tips and cleaning hacks can make life easier and your living space much more enjoyable! In some ways, these minimalist cleaning tips can also be part of my cleaning routine, since they are cleaning habits I implement on a regular basis! Get your free decluttering guides when you sign up for our newsletter! Purchase Sarah’s first cookbook, Eat Simple, here: Popular Minimalist Videos and Playlists: Why I Love Being a…


CLEAN LIKE A PRO: Cleaning the Toilet!

November 10, 2018 admin 10

Makers Cleaning Cloths: Learn how to clean a toilet like the pros do! In this video, Melissa Maker shares her pro cleaning tips and tackles each part of a toilet. Other Videos You Might Like: Clean With Me: Bathroom: How to Clean Microfiber Cloths: How to Clean Your Bathtub: Subscribe for a Cleaner Life! *** FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM! *** Clean My Space: Melissa: Chad: *** START YOUR JOURNEY TO A CLEANER LIFE! *** YouTube: Blog: Maker’s Microfibre Cloths: Facebook: Melissa’s Channel: Chad’s Channel: *** HOME PRODUCTS WE LOVE *** Vacuum Dyson V6 Absolute: Cleaning Caddy: Essential Oils: Barkeepers Friend:…


3 Simple Steps/Tips to Deep Clean Kitchen || How to clean Chimney, Gas Stove-Oven || Diwali Cleaning

October 25, 2018 admin 10

3 Simple Steps/Tips to Deep Clean Kitchen || How to clean Chimney, Gas Stove-Oven || Diwali Cleaning || Deep’s All In One Channel #kitchendeepclean #diwalicleaning #ovencleaning Hello everyone, today is cleaning video. It is part 1 of kitchen deep cleaning. I cleaned chimney, gas stove and oven. I hope that you will like it. Thanks for watching. Please like, share, comment and subscribe. Love Deepika Follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. Facebook: Instagram : Twitter :



May 5, 2018 admin 10

Maker’s Mother’s Day FLASH SALE: LARGE SPACE KITS & SMALL SPACE KITS are on SALE for only 72 HOURS (while supplies last)! I get asked all the time how I can be a cleaning expert, and yet I hate to clean. The truth is, it just hasn’t grown on me! But that doesn’t mean I haven’t figured out the best cleaning tips and tricks to minimize the amount of work you actually have to do while cleaning! So, in this video, I share with you 7 more expert cleaning tips that you should be using today so you can spend…



March 30, 2018 admin 10

Cleaning tips for Mum’s/Mom’s! How to keep a clean home with kids. My name is Lucy Jessica Carter and I post videos on motherhood, fashion, beauty, lifestyle & travel! I am part of the Channel Mum team, you can find them at For business enquiries contact or I upload on a Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 7pm with a few bonus videos thrown in :)! TECH I use: Camera for filming & photos: IMAC: Music speaker/Audio assistant/Listen to podcasts on (Google Home): To edit: Final cut pro X FOLLOW ME ON: Instagram @lucyjessicacarter Facebook Twitter @lu3yx Some links…


Melissa Reads Your Cleaning Tips! (Clean My Space Q&A)

October 26, 2017 admin 10

Maker’s Microfibre Cloths: Whenever we do a video here at Clean My Space we always get a ton of comments from you guys, and your tips and tricks are always brilliant! So we’ve picked through our most recent video. Subscribe for a Cleaner Life! *** START YOUR JOURNEY TO A CLEANER LIFE! *** YouTube: Blog: Maker’s Microfibre Cloths: Facebook: Pinterest: Melissa’s Channel: Chad’s Channel: *** FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM! *** Melissa: Chad: Clean My Space: *** HOME PRODUCTS WE LOVE *** Vacuum Dyson V6 Absolute: Cleaning Caddy: Essential Oils: Barkeepers Friend: Spray Bottles: Tide Free & Gentle Detergent: Dr. Bronner’s…


MINIMALIST CLEANING HABITS | get tidy + organised

July 23, 2017 admin 10

check out PICK UP LIMES’ video and don’t forget to subscribe : i hate to clean ! it’s just the worst, don’t you think ? but, no matter how annoying it is, we have no choice – our home deserve to be clean, decluttered, organised, tidy, and beautiful. so today i’m sharing my all-time favourite minimalist cleaning hacks, tips, and ideas. ___ check out our morning show channel THE MUSTARDS : listen to our podcast – latest episode : WHAT WE OBSESS OVER ! ( ) ___ everything from setting a simple plan, tidying up and decluttering regularly, how to…



July 22, 2017 admin 10

CLEAN MY SPACE: THE BOOK: I haven’t always been a cleaning expert, in fact, when I first started my cleaning business I was a complete rookie. I spent tons of time in those early years researching and practicing to come up with the best cleaning routine and cleaning tips to use in my growing cleaning business. In this video I’m going to go over 7 expert cleaning tips that have proven to save time and frustration in any cleaning routine. Subscribe for a Cleaner Life! *** START YOUR JOURNEY TO A CLEANER LIFE! *** Blog: Maker’s Microfibre Cloths: Facebook: Pinterest:…


10 Genius Cleaning Tips!

April 15, 2017 admin 10

Buy The Book: | Maker’s Cleaning Cloths: One of the best parts about hosting a cleaning channel here on YouTube is that I get to learn SO MUCH from you guys – our comment section is a goldmine of cleaning and organizing tips, tricks, hacks and ideas! So in this video we are featuring more of your amazing tips! Comment Question: WHAT AMAZING CLEANING TIP DO YOU HAVE? MAKER’S MICROFIBER CLOTHS: *** RECOMMENDED VIEWING *** How to Get Your Spouse to Clean: Essential Oils & Cleaning: 5 Bad Habits You Need To Break: Subscribe for a Cleaner Life: *** FOLLOW…


10 Bad Habits You Need to Break! (Cleaning Motivation)

January 7, 2017 admin 10

Maker’s Cleaning Cloths: CLEAN MY SPACE: THE BOOK: Maker’s Microfiber Cleaning Cloths: Happy New Year Clean My Space Nation! Rather than talking about New Years Resolutions I figured I would talk about some bad cleaning habits (myself included) and I’ll show you how to break them! – Using too much cleaning product – Moldy bathmats and shower curtains – Using dirty cleaning tools () – Disinfecting wipes – Piling up damp towels & cloths – Using bleach as a cleaner – Leaving dirty dishes in the sink – Holding on to old stuff – Cluttered surfaces – Using too much…