Spring Cleaning and Organization My Bathroom and Closet Tips and Tour

March 23, 2018 admin 10

It’s Spring and I just moved into my new room and at the same time I did a spring cleaning and organizing my bathroom and closet. So here is what I did, kind of a tour, kind of tips for getting cleaned and organized for Spring. I hope you get inspired to do they same! I love having a clean and organized closet and bathroom. Do you like how I decorated my bathroom for Spring? Well, tomorrow I am uploading my spring Room Tour, that I vlogged about the last 2 weeks – & Go watch my other Spring videos…


CLEAN YOUR ROOM! | 8 New DIY Organizations + Tips & Hacks for Spring Cleaning 2018!

February 25, 2018 admin 10

It´s spring and it´s once again time to clean your room! With these 8 new DIY Organizations I came up with for you + Amazing tips & Hacks I promise you will have more fun cleaning and organizing your room than ever! Wihoo, Let´s get organized! GET THIS VIDEO TO 15 000 THUMBS UP! Alright you guys, it´s been one year since I posted my last spring clean my room video, and I´m super excited to be sharing with you guys 8 NEW DIY´s to help you organize your room! First off ill be sharing my favorite way to tackle…


How to Clean Your Room FAST!

February 11, 2018 admin 10

Hey guys! Today’s video is all about how to clean your room quickly and efficiently. I share with you guys all of my tips and tricks for cleaning as well as a five steps to follow. I hope you enjoy the video! XOXO, Ella Support and subscribe! ❤ Room Tour: My YouTube Tips: How I edit my Instagram pics: ❤ FAQ: How old are you? 17 What camera do you use? Canon EOS 70D What Lenses do you use? 30mm 1.4 Is that your real voice? Yes What editor? Final cut pro ❤ STALK ME:) Instagram- Twitter- Snapchat- @ellaelbells —-…


MINIMALIST CLEANING HABITS | get tidy + organised

July 23, 2017 admin 10

check out PICK UP LIMES’ video and don’t forget to subscribe : i hate to clean ! it’s just the worst, don’t you think ? but, no matter how annoying it is, we have no choice – our home deserve to be clean, decluttered, organised, tidy, and beautiful. so today i’m sharing my all-time favourite minimalist cleaning hacks, tips, and ideas. ___ check out our morning show channel THE MUSTARDS : listen to our podcast – latest episode : WHAT WE OBSESS OVER ! ( ) ___ everything from setting a simple plan, tidying up and decluttering regularly, how to…


How To Clean Your Room Fast + Cleaning Hacks & Organisations Tips + Tricks.

June 26, 2016 admin 26

How To Clean Your Room, Quick and Simple + Organisational Tips, Tricks and Cleaning Hacks! This video is a summary of how to clean your room in a few simple and easy steps + tricks that will help it stay cleaner and more organised for longer! A quick declutter in your room is actually really simple and after being super messy all through high school I think I have got some pretty good cleaning tips and tricks that won’t take you all day! + Ways to make mess look neater. I hope some of these tidying tips, tricks and life…