Hey guys, I’m excited to share my spring cleaning video with you. I give you 6 tips of how I spring clean. Feel free to clean with me!! Please subscribe if you haven’t already and I hope you enjoy watching it!!

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These are some products that I get asked about a lot:
-Oversized Ottoman:
-My Dyson Vacuum:
-E-cloth Microfiber Mop:
-White Kitchen Canister’s, Set of 3:
-White Kitchen Oblong Ceramic Trays:
-Three Bag Laundry Sorter:
-Sparkle Slippers:
-Tufted Bed Frame:
-Metal Stools:
-Sliding Barn Door Hardware:
-Brown Storage Ottoman
-L-Shaped Computer Desk Glass Top:


This is the equipment I use for making videos:
-My Camera:
-My Tripod:
-My Camera Microphone:
-My Studio Lighting:
-My Voiceover Microphone:
-My Computer:

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  1. Another great video just so wonderful how yall work together. Looks like Tyger kept his eyes on yall like he was the supervisor lol i started using a pillow case for my fans that made it a little easier without all the dust flying in my face

  2. Is this with the new camera!!?? SUCH a difference! I find it so funny going from the dyson and grabbing the old vacuum how heavy it is to push around! You’re so close 10k!!! Yay 🤩

  3. Another great video !! also the cover that you have over your wire by the fireplace did you make that or did you buy it ??

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