My Favorites Cleaning Products (All Green)

Products mentioned:

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Concentrate Lemon Verbena

Method ANTIBAC Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner Spearmint

Method Wood for Good Daily Clean Almond

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Laundry Detergent Geranium

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® Room Freshener Lemon Verbena

Kirkland Eco Friendly Liquid Dish Soap Citrus Scent

Ecover Automatic Dishwasher Tablets


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  1. I love your videos! I have stopped using the BBW hand soaps as well. I
    looked into the Method Hand Wash that you showed and it doesn’t seem
    terribly healthy either. I’m sure it’s not as bad as the Bath and Body
    Works one but it didn’t rate very well with EWG. Here’s a link to the

    It’s really hard to find a healthy and safe hand wash….I know I’m still
    searching for one. Have you thought about making your own liquid soap?
    I’ve been doing some research about that but I haven’t quite decided if I’m
    going to try it or not.

  2. Olá linda!!!
    Nunca pensei em utilizar produtos naturais para limpeza de casa mas agora
    com a pequenina vou começar a ter mais atenção.
    Aqui em Portugal não há muitas opções, pelo menos que eu tenha conhecimento.
    Adorei 😀
    Beijokas grandes***

  3. Homemade Glass Cleaner: 50% water and 50% vinegar. The BEST glass
    cleaner!!!! Try it and you will be amazed! :)

  4. Problem with “green” cleaning products are the containers, usually
    plastic ones, because it always ends up in the environmetnt. Even if one
    recycles it, the energy is wasted in the process and not to mention the
    waste waters. If they came up with the system of always using the same
    container (it could still have logo of the company on it) when goint to
    the store, that would be fine.

    • Yes, something like “refill” system where one would pay less for the
      product because one has his/hers own container. But really, when you think
      carefully, all of those products are obsolete. You can DIY your own out of
      the solid soap block (turn it into a liquid one-lots of tutorials online),
      and for dissinfection you can get concentrated vinegar (acetic) acid in the
      small containers that can get recycled (glass ones). You usually mix it
      with 7 L of water to get cleaning vinegar. If you pour it in the spray
      bottle, those 7 L for cleaning kitchen and bathroom will last for ages.
      Isn’t that a money and environmet saver? Not to mention you avoid all of
      those allergens in the cleaning products, and the there are no waste waters.

    • We used to have a local dairy provider that used glass containers for
      specialty products like egg nog or chocolate milk, and if you brought the
      glass container back to the grocery store for the provider to sanitize and
      reuse, you’d get a couple dollars back. It was a good system, I think it
      would be great to see cleaning products treated the same way.

  5. I was looking for new “green” products to use at home…. great video.

  6. We really need to learn the ingredients on those cleaning products and
    learn what ingredients are bad. Cause a lot of brands try to look greener
    but in fact. Theyre just faking it. Its a learning process 🙂 step by step.
    and we can make error sometimes. when i was in microbiology class we made
    an experiment and vinegqr really killed a lot of germs.

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