living an eco-friendly day *island edition*

living an eco-friendly day *island edition* vlog. I had SO much fun filming this video! I participated in a hawaii beach cleanup and showed you guys some brands I support! t’s made me so much more inspired to do even the little things more often, whether it’s pick up trash off the ground if I see it or bring my cup everywhere. Little things add up to be big things! Also shoutout to Hailey Sani for this amazing video idea! xoxo

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  1. Hey person scrolling through the comments

    YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY ✨❤️✨ would love advice for my channel 💕

  2. You should get a swimsuit from MISKA paris it’s a eco friendly swimwear brand for teens they have super nice styles and there also really good quality and good for the environment

    Love ur channel

  3. People will always find something to nitpick when it comes to doing something good. The important thing is that you’re trying!
    I decided to put 7 tips/ways that you can help the environment since this video is all about it 😀
    1. Find reusable alternatives for things you use often. Ex. Straws, bottles, toothbrushes, shopping bags, utensils, etc. (make sure to use everything you have before buying new alternatives)
    2. Don’t waste water. Take shorter showers and close tap when washing your teeth
    3. If your lifestyle allows it, have more vegetarian/ vegan meals
    4. Try to reduce how much electricity you use. Unplug devices you aren’t using and turn off all lights when leaving a room
    5. Carpool and use public transport as much as possible
    6. Support vegan and eco friendly brands and volunteer at beach, park cleanups when you can
    7. And Most importantly make sure to reduce your waste, reuse what you have, and recycle what you can! Try your best to do these things and if you slip up, don’t stress it! You’re trying and that’s what counts. Just try again next time.

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    Also… this is exactly what I meant by people nitpicking every single thing I do. Of course I’m going to go on airplanes. I live on an island where the closest land is 5 hours away by plane. It’s weird I feel like people expect me to swim there or something? And yes I drove to the beach cleanup but it’s NOT realistic to expect people to stop driving at all. like I said in the video, I can’t be perfect. Please don’t expect me to be because chances are neither is anyone else.

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