Five Wonderful Money and Cleaning Tips I Have Learned from You

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  1. I know the Buy Price of grocery items we commonly purchase and also what Months we can expect certain items to go on sale. That certainly helps being frugal.

  2. Gotta love those tips— and teachers! ( which btw is all of us) What a lovely way to share comments!! Very valued!Bravo to this kind of video!!- Jan

  3. Add to that,makeup lasts longer,too.
    Do not ever store pills or cosmetics in the bathroom.the moisture Will ruin them,and promote mold

  4. Watching you on this video was a great way to kick start this week. I am all for speed cleaning, which I learned from Diane in Denmark as part of the FlyLady syndrome. I am one of those who does the scorched earth budget three times a year. It makes me so very grateful for all I have. We are so blessed to be living in this very rich country. Thanks, Dawn.

  5. I just wanted to let you know that hearing your positive and enthusiastic posts every morning is so encouraging.

  6. I am a woman of a certain age and don’t get up off the floor as easily as I used i went to Dollar Tree, got a $1 broom, and only use it for scrubbing my tub. I spray the tub with a foaming cleaner and give the tub a good scrub with that broom… no bending over or kneeling next to the tub.

  7. Great video! I love the idea of using an intended item for multiple unintended purposes! I started making a “master list” of the specific items I need regularly such as Coffee, t.p. deodorant etc. then I made columns of each of the stores I shop at regularly…Walmart, Walgreens, Frys Grocery & Albertsons. When I go to those stores I write down the price those stores charge for those specific items. The goal is to laminate it when im finished. I can pull it out when planning my shopping list from home to check prices or bring it with when I shop… because a lot of the time, a “sale” price is NOT REALLLLY a sale price 🤔 I’m not finished with it yet but mostly. It surprised me how much I buy is actually, really repetitive. Love you! ❤🙏🌹

  8. instead of writing the tip, take a screen shot and put in a tip file. this way you might be able to cut and paste later instead of retyping.

  9. Yup I have my outfit ready hanging up on my closet door ready to go for the next morning. The other 4 not so sure for me. Lol

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