Extreme Decluttering 5 Tips To Cleaning A Really Messy Room

In this video I share the tips that I used to declutter and clean my extremely messy craft room. Enjoy!!
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  1. Keri you did a great job.If I was close by I would help you.You found some pretty items while you was cleaning.Have great Wednesday evening.👍

  2. You had some great tips on pricing it as you sort through it. That makes so such sense! I can can’t wait for your next video!!❤❤

  3. Great start! I love the tip of making a plan. It’s also great tip to set a timer and work for a certain amount of time. Tyfs all the awesome motivation! 😊❤️👍🏼

  4. I reall appreciate you.This is helping motivate me. Good looking out about making sure trash day is around the clean up time. I cringe at the thought of people going through my trash.Lol

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