Eco-Ranch Sustainable Living Educational Center V-Log For July 27, 2019

Updates on what id going on here now:

Rooster sausage
Prickly pear juice & wine
Completing the greenhouse
garden harvest
and more!


  1. Enjoy your videos, no ads, not about money but education. Do you need us to send you more long sleeve pink shirts? Wish I could see you a bit better in live chats. New Zealand spinach for summer greens, I am pulling like weeds here in SoCal.

  2. Wow, 19 roos! I have 5 (I think) running around. One in my coop, one is my yard rooster, he is a great rooster, he takes care of the yard hens and never jumps at the kids. The others are technically not mine, lol, they defected from my uncles next door. I guess my yard is like children heaven, hahaha. I have been strictly carnivore for about a year now so I don’t eat plants myself ( i grow a garden for my pigs, chickens etc.) But this is still an Awesome video as usual full of good info.

  3. by the way i have a chaiway dog sorry for the spelling shes that off too.. but shes not a chicen killer just a barcer

  4. Great vid, as always. Remember folks, use champagne yeast ; it’ll take your alcohol rate up to around 15 %. 🙂

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