ECO CAMPUS – Island Living #SulaniSirens |The Sims 4 Speed Build

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ECO CAMPUS – Island Living #SulaniSirens |The Sims 4 Speed Build
This huge modern but tropical build is my eco campus. A house for your students of biology, wildlife technicians and conservationists! Here they can research, save and preserve the nature of sulani and of course live and party. I built this for a huge Group Collab with 15 other zoutubers, we created a save file for a new Sulani for you with lots of new houses and of course sims!
Here you can download the save file of #SulaniSirens:
YOUTUBE PLAYLIST of all SulaniSirens:

DOWNLOAD the lot here:

As always feel free to write me your ideas, requests and comments down below!

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  1. I wish the sims team would make the destination worlds and island living be able to live there but also rent for vacation. Would be super cool if they made a game or stuff pack called like apartment life (sims 2) and add the ability to build our own townhouses, apartment, complexes but also be able to have sims rent them but also your sims could buy properties and be a landlord, or even a live in landlord. Would be so cool! But yeah I was badly want granite falls liveable especially with the off grid lot trait. Would totally fit with story telling and super realistic. I want to build an off the grid hippy colony lol

  2. Oh man I hope when universities come they make all current careers and few need careers be able to study for. Would be super cool to have sims study biology and environment in university.

  3. YOU Are The Queen……… You Are So Creative FRY And Imagine Things I Never Would With Building!!!! Every Build You Do Is So Detailed And So Elaborate !!!!!!! Love You My Friend JUST SUNNING FRY!

  4. Who’s else still waiting for the next Game of Thrones build, I’m really excited! I also want to see how you gonna use the new stuff we get from the Island Living. 😱

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