E IS FOR ECO-LIVING // #atozbuildchallenge

E IS FOR ECO-LIVING // #atozbuildchallenge

Hey, my little party animals and welcome to a brand new video! Today, we are continuing on the A to Z Build Challenge created by GreenScreenYT. We have finished A-D, and are finally moving onto the letter E. This is my version of an Eco-friendly home called Eco-Living! This house is home to a few vegetarians who enjoy growing their own food in their garden on Sulani. They have a laundry bucket and clothesline in the back so they are not wasting water– and try to live while being friendly to the Earth.

Stay tuned while we work to complete the alphabet!

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  1. I was actually really surprised when you said you’ve been playing with a mermaid! Ah I love Sims 3 a lot more but if I was a builder I would def prefer Sims 4 because building in 3 is a freaking nightmare lol. I never have heard about that glitch but I def have heard of others like the tail staying on when you’re on land etc. That’s great I think you are better at modern than you realize but I too wouldn’t feel comfortable as much with modern builds. I actually kind of like that you kept the garden small and added those round porch areas. It feels very modern but still inviting. You’re a fast builder, but yeah I hear people spending several hours or days on builds and I never get how. I would lose my mind. Lol yeah 4th of July can be a bit much. I hope you have a good fourth of July though. That sounds nice. I like what you did with the shelves and decor in the kitchen and I love the sitting area with the painting. I think this does strike a nice balance between very open or closed concept. I think I like that best. I like open concept visually but in theory is nice to section things off. All of the balcony areas and the general structure of this feels very practical in a good way. Wow 80 degrees and no a.c.. you must get so cold where you live! To be fair I like cool weather but for some reason don’t love really cold a.c.. great build!

  2. And I agree the kids bedroom you mentioned is my fav as well. It’s a very nice color the beds are neat and I am always using that mirror

  3. Oh don’t worry, I’m not tired of Island Living. Keep those videos coming!!!
    Oh wow, so sorry to hear about your rat. Losing a pet isn’t easy. 🙁
    Sounds like your ‘Murican holiday is going to be a blast!! Have fun!!
    Oh wow, lol!! I would probably be the one cooking if we did ever meet irl. 😜 Well, that’s something we have in common. Mac’n’cheese is the best!! Has to be GF for me though, but yeah. 😆
    This is a great build!!

  4. WOW my friend. You are so talented. This house is beyond beautiful. I agree that it is hard to play the other sims whilst Sims 4 is way better LOL
    Such a lovely Eco Living House. Love that there is a pool so the sims can choose between swimming in the ocean or the pool. I am so sorry about your Rat. It is hard losing a pet. They become like our kids. I hope you will feel better. Always here for you my friend🤗❤

  5. This house is GORGEOUS! I’m only “sick” of Island Living, because I don’t have it. LOL
    I’m the same about TS4 vs TS3. The graphics kill TS3 for me, now that I have TS4.
    Also, I hardly ever get builds done in one day. It’s not good tbh.

  6. Sorry about your rat😢 very inspiring build, though I usually love colour I really like the black accents here! My favourite places are the backyard and the children’s room! Looks so realistic and just nicely decorated ☺️

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