Complete Full Car Interior Cleaning! Car Detailing A Chevrolet Suburban

Complete Full Car Interior Cleaning! Car Detailing A Chevrolet Suburban that is in need of a full cleaning. I show you my process from cleaning the car interior top to bottom and making it look like new again and share with you all of the tools and products used to clean this car interior and bring it back to life. #carcleaning #cardetailing #cleaning #stauffergarage
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Amazon Storefront –
Wagner Steam Cleaner –
Portable Carpet Cleaner –
Chemical Guys Silk Shine –
Chemical Guys All Clean+ All Purpose Cleaner –
Chemical Guys Lightning Fast Carpet Stain Extractor –
Invisible Glass Cleaner –
303 Aerospace Protectant –
303 Aerospace Cleaner –
COCODE Detail Brush (Set of 5) –
Folding Workbench –
Sun Joe SPX3000 Pressure Washer –
Grit Guard Inserts –
Chemical Guys Foam Cannon –
Chemical Guys Microfiber Wash Mitt –
The Guzzler Microfiber Drying Towels –

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  1. Just some quick detailing/ safety no no tips that I’ve seen from the past couple vids: (overall great tho)

    – Never use a dressing on the outside rim of the steering wheel (where your hands go) as it is slippery and can cause loss of control in the vehicle thus an accident. (Center of the wheel is fine tho Bc you’d never touch it unless you used your horn which is rare) Same reason you never dress the pedals just clean them with APC

    – Never spray liquids directly onto the gauge cluster to clean it. Especially in old cars liquid can get behind the plexiglass cover and cause water spots to dry behind it. Then you’d have to pull out the whole thing and clean it from the inside.

    – On windows that have had tint applied to them (any of the sheets of the stuff not factory built in tint) don’t use glass cleaner w ammonia in it (windex, invisible glass etc.) it’s bad for the tint and can damage it. Use a degreaser, something like Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo and water mix in a spray bottle it’s streak free and won’t ruin someone’s tint job potentially!

    Overall great vids tho man. It’s just a couple things you’d never think about if someone didn’t pass them along to ya like they did for me!

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