Easy Cleaning Hacks [Tips & Tricks]

September 26, 2015 admin 12

Get Amazon Prime for $67!! Good until 11:59pm PT 9/25/15 My favorite stick vacuum- Interested in Young Living Essential Oils?? Email me at anniessimplelife at gmail.com and I will send you an unlisted video all about them! Do you eBates?! Why not?! Get cash back for purchases you make online. It’s like automatic coupons. I find my best deals on Amazon! And don’t forget to check out eBay- they have EVERYTHING! 85% off Coupon Link! Learn how to save tons of money on your next Walt Disney World vacation! Find me! www.facebook.com/anniessimplelife www.instagram.com/anniessimplelife www.pinterest.com/anniesl **This post may contain affiliate links,…


Brugervejledning til Danfoss Eco – SW større end 1.63

September 24, 2015 admin 1

1. Montering (0:00:10) 2. Programmering (0:04:18) 3. Pausefunktion (0:08:27) 4. Rejseprogram (0:09:44) 5. Nulstilling (0:13:27) eco® er en intelligent og brugervenlig elektronisk termostat. Den kan indstilles efter behov og er en effektiv løsning til styring af energiforbruget. Du kan spare op til 23% af dit varmeforbrug hvis du udskifter dine radiatortermostater med elektroniske termostater. Gælder for eco® med SW større end 1.63. Se SW under batteridækslet. Spørg efter eco® hos din lokale VVS installatør.


Wastebusters: Green Cleaning Myths

September 21, 2015 admin 0

DEEP commissioned its own “mythbusting” team to educate school employees and parents about the hazards of common cleaning products while showing the benefit and effectiveness of using green cleaners. In this video parody of the popular Discovery Channel television show, the Wastebusters work with scientists to prove that green cleaning products work as well as regular cleaners.


Atamai Ecovillage New Zealand Living in the Future (Ecovillages) 60

August 30, 2015 admin 2

Atamai ecovillage is a settlement near Motueka on the south island of New Zealand. Their aim is to create a traditional style village for around 200 inhabitants which is resilient in the face of global challenges such as peak oil and global warming and food security. They are currently seeking new residents.


Young Living Essential Oils Introduction – Oils, NingXia and Green Cleaning

August 19, 2015 admin 5

Experience an introduction to Young Living Essential Oils, NingXia Red and our Thieves green, Eco-Friendly home products. Discover how to become a wholesale or retail member. Pass this presentation along to anyone interested in getting started with oils. I did not mention my name or website so that people of all Young Living teams can use it. If you are new to Young Living and would like to sign up, please visit educateyourselfhealth.com


Environmentalist Builds Incredible Eco Friendly House

July 13, 2015 admin 9

SUBSCRIBE: Tiny houses may be the latest environmentally-friendly trend but one man has taken things a step further – living completely off the grid. Rob Greenfield is more than five months into his year-long challenge to live without paid-for source of water, gas or electricity. In his tiny house, the ‘Teeny Greeny’, Rob is completely self-sufficient thanks to a number of helpful habits. He uses solar panels to collect sunlight for energy, harvests rainwater, composts food scraps and human waste, grows his own food or purchases it locally and creates less rubbish in a week than the average American does…


Green Cleaning Seattle – Otium-Maid Services™

July 6, 2015 admin 1

Green Cleaning Seattle – Otium-Maid Services™ provides eco-safe home and office cleaning services and eco-maid services. Keeping with the spirit of loving homes, our office itself is a commercial-zoned 1900’s house – located on Aurora Ave N – between 46th and 47th Ave N in Seattle. What Does “Otium” Mean? Otium is a Latin abstract term. One of it’s meanings define it as “leisure time in which a person can enjoy eating, playing, resting, contemplation, etc” In the disembodied culture that we live in, making space and time for someone is a movement that feeds the soul. At GCS, we…


Danfoss Eco User Guide

July 3, 2015 admin 0

1. Installation (0:11) 2. Programming (4:19) 3. Open window detection & Pause function (8:53) 4. Travel programming (10:12) 5. Resetting thermostat to factory settings (13:57) eco® is an energy-saving and programmable thermostat designed to effectively control heating throughout houses, apartments and commercial buildings. It is installed in seconds and runs perfectly for years – saving energy. eco® makes it easy for you to offer an excellent solution for replacement of old thermostats or new build projects.

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