7 Secrets of Professional Cleaners! (Clean My Space)

In this video, Melissa Maker shares some cleaning tips from professional cleaners – the little secrets / cleaning hacks that the professionals use each day to save time while cleaning! Buckle up for some real cleaning motivation!

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  1. I’ve fallen into a really bad depression after losing my mother in a horrible car accident & I’ve let my house get so out of control. You help me so much!! I need all of the advice I can get.

  2. As a former hotelier, I would recommend that if anyone has any particular cleanliness requests, you can always call the hotel ahead of check-in to make that request. We once had a recurring guest that we knew was huge about cleanliness so I made sure his carpet was shampooed the day before and I had a new shower curtain installed in his blocked room. Hotel cleaning staff DO work hard for you. If you had a cleanliness issue in your room, it’s likely that’s a top down issue. Leave a tip on the nightstand with a note if you can!

  3. Could you do a video on how to be a good cleaning service customer? I don’t want to go clean before the maid comes, but I don’t want to be a terrible customer either. Whats the happy medium?

  4. Can you do a video cleaning and explaining how to clean a really dirty house ? Kind of like a hoarders house ? Have you ever done that? I would love to see that. TFS

  5. I’ve never had a hotel horror story until two weeks ago. Dishwasher was full of MOULD. Non-smoking room smelt of smoke. What would have been amazing floor to ceiling windows were covered in smudges and fingerprints. Asked for a new room, only to into find a used breastpad on the floor.
    Needless to say we grabbed our suitcases and walked five blocks at 10pm to a different hotel.

  6. Yes please! Make a hotel cleaning video I’m very interested in that, as I stand hotels often. Thanks again for sharing all your tips!

  7. Can you share more of those “every 4th time” tasks? Those are probably things we regular folks never think to clean, but should ‘occasionally’.

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