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Need a little cleaning motivation? We turn to the Clean My Space Nation for some brilliant cleaning tips and boy did you deliver! Melissa Maker shares some of the best tips and hacks in this video!

Comment Question: What’s your best SAFETY TIP?

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  1. *So glad to be included in these tips. So many good and helpful cleaning tips. This is what’s amazing about this community.* 💕

  2. Safety tip: Be sure to research cleaning products for safety around pets and children before using them, even if they’re natural. Not all essential oils are safe for use with pets. Also, keeping the work area well ventilated while using cleaning products is very important.

  3. As a child my parents taught us the fire escape routes out of the house. Showed us how to open windows and jump down onto the grass if we had to. To this day I always keep my escape route clear, nothing on the floor etc.

  4. Child proofing hardware are NOT a substitute for supervision! And the time to instal them is BEFORE your child needs it. My daughter very nearly pulled a curio on top of herself because I didn’t think it was something she could tip and she wasn’t “at that stage” yet. Thank God one of the pieces wedged itself into the floor and prevented it from falling all the way over. Needless to say, I stopped what I was doing and immediately dug out the safety hardware I had bought and never installed and tethered every single piece of large furniture, put in every electrical outlet plug, and screwed on every cabinet and drawer safety latch within her reach.

    Kids are FAST and their way of thinking and problem solving often leads them to get into things we never would have suspected. So still important to keep a close eye, don’t just assume something is safe because you “child proofed” it.

  5. Love the tip of using paper towels on top of your cupboards, I use wax paper & have been doing it for years, it works like a bomb.
    Greetings from South Africa

  6. I always take a walk :)) on my legs and hands through the house, so I can see what a child can reach and grab😍

  7. While you are cooking, always keep pan handles turned back so kids don’t pull hot contents down on themselves.

  8. Unplug appliances (especially toaster and coffee makers) after use. This causes so many fires. It’s not popular with a lot of coffee drinkers (esp. those who use timers), but it’s the safest! Ask a firefighter!

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