5 Skincare Tips to Clean, Unclog & Minimize Large Pores

February 28, 2019 admin 10

We’re back with another pore care video to share our favorite pore tightening & cleaning tips to minimize the appearance of pores 💕 Thanks to Clarins for sponsoring this video! Want to know which serum suits your skin type? Take the quiz: One of the biggest reasons we get acne and breakouts is because of clog pores, so learning the proper ways to keep our pores clean and make them appear smaller is important for poreless looking skin! Check out the video and leave us any questions below 😊 1️⃣ [1:11 – 3:43] What are #Pores? 2️⃣ [3:44 – 6:04]…


surprising kitchen cleaning tips and Tricks | kitchen hacks | cooking tips | Urdu Hindi

February 25, 2019 admin 1

best kitchen cleaning tips | 18 Tips for kitchen cleaning in rainy season | Useful Kitchen Tips & Tricks in Hindi / Urdu | Useful KITCHEN Cleaning HACKS/TIPS You Must Follow | Amazing Kitchen cleaning tips | useful cleaning tips | Simple Steps To Deep Clean Your Kitchen | Kitchen tips for cooking & backing in urdu / hindi | kitchen tips in hindi | kitchen ki safai ka tarika | Great Tips/Habits For Clean and Organized Kitchen | kitchen hacks | cooking tips | cooking tips and tricks | useful kitchen cleaning tips and tricks | surprising kitchen cleaning…


17 Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

February 18, 2019 admin 7

If you don’t want to spend hours trying to clean, then this video is for you. Today, we will show you 17 cleaning tips and tricks proven to make your life easier. Each project is very unique and useful, like cleaning slime, homemade cleaning sprays, mop slippers, carpet cleaner, and so much more Now you don’t have to waste your day doing all your chores, because with these tips cleaning has never been easier, giving you more time to do fun activities. TIMESTAMPS 0:07 – Cleaning Slime 1:07 – DIY Carpet Cleaner 1:57 – Mop Slippers 2:56 – DIY Sponge…


5 Cleaning Tips for Cold and Flu Season!

February 13, 2019 admin 10

I was warned that as soon as Riley started daycare to expect an ongoing wave of cough, cold, and flu around the CMS HQ. Well, let me tell you… they were right! So, in this video, I take you through some of my best tips when it comes to preventing, dealing with, and recovering from, a cold so you can keep your family clean and serene throughout the cough, cold and flu season! This video was sponsored by Robitussin, to learn more visit: COMMENT QUESTION: How do you pass the time when you’re sick? Subscribe for a Cleaner Life! VIDEOS…



February 13, 2019 admin 10

Hey guys! Its FLU SEASON! Ahhhhh. I don’t know about you but I am super paranoid about getting sick so today I am sharing with you my morning cleaning routine when it is flu season. This is how I clean to disinfect. Hopefully these cleaning tips and tricks help you to keep the flu and other illnesses away! Pineapple Diffuser: Tide Sprayhttps://amzn.to/2E6hJBg Giveaway Ladies Channels: Lauren- Page- Kristen: Amanda- Ashley- Whirlpool Air Purifier: COUPON: keepcalm20 for 20% off 👇HAVE A QUESTION? CHECK OUT THE DESCRIPTION BOX FIRST! 👇 SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL HERE: 🌻BE SURE TO VISIT MY AMAZON STORE…



February 11, 2019 admin 10

I’m sharing organization tips and tricks, cleaning hacks, cleaning tips for mommies that I’ve learned from youtube videos. Everything from how to get stains out to cleaning shoes, to laundry hacks, to traveling with kids tips! It’s all in this video! It was so fun to reminisce and think about everything I’ve learned over the six years i’ve been binging youtube! Courtney Allison Video: Courtney Allison Channel: Thanks so much for watching! HUGS, Katie My Cleaning Products: My Amazon Store: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LET’S BE FRIENDS… *Instagram: Katie.Sottile *Snapchat: Ksotty *Facebook: KatieJSottile *Twitter: KatieSottile *Pinterest: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Are you a Mom? I know…


Kitchen Countertop Cleaning / Tips to clean your kitchen / Kitchen Cleaning Routine in Tamil

February 9, 2019 admin 10

Kitchen Countertop Cleaning / Tips to clean your kitchen / Kitchen Cleaning Routine in Tamil #kitchencleaningtips #kitchenorganisation #kitchentipsintamil kitchen tips playlist : for more videos SUBSCRIBE : connect with me on instagram- email : vennilaveedusangeetha@gmail.com ————————————— Thank you all… with love, சங்கீதா (எ) வெண்ணிலா

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