15 SPRING CLEANING HACKS + TIPS | Spring Cleaning Life + Checklist | Renee Amberg

Happy Spring! With spring comes SPRING CLEANING! In today’s videos I share with you 15 things people often forget to clean when spring cleaning. These 15 spring cleaning hacks will help you spring clean like a boss! Happy cleaning!

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1. Flip / Rotate Mattress
2. Replace Shower Liner
3. Clean and Deodorize Pillows with Odor Klenz
4. Fridge / Pantry
5. Blinds + Windows
6. Baseboards + Crown Molding
7. Behind Appliances
8. Patio Floors – Sweep + Pressure Wash
9. Furniture
10. Declutter + Organize Cabinets and Drawers
11. Trash Cans
12. Appliances
13. Declutter, Organize, and Donate
14. Fans
15. Phone + Computer


  1. I did some spring cleaning the other day, it felt so good! 🙂 Donated a whole bunch of stuff that i decluttered as well! Loved this video girl!

  2. Love this video, and all your cleaning and high vibe videos! Would love to see more in depth how you organize your computer and files, especially with all the videos you have for YouTube!

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